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Dr B.Raghuram teja Neurosurgeon

Brain surgery
Dr.B.Raghuram Teja Neurosurgeon
About Doctor

Dr.B.Raghuram Teja Neurosurgeon

Dr B.Raghuram Teja , is a dynamic neurosurgeon with great clinical acumen. He is enthusiastic to help patients get better from the terrible diseases that affect the brain and spine
⦁ He has a way of connecting with his patients at an emotional level with his empathy and genuine care for his patient.
⦁ He is a avid sports enthusiast and likes to work out. He believes in a fit body and fit mind
⦁ He is found of travelling the world, and believes traveling opens our mind to new thoughts and cultures

  • Neurosurgery, Fellowship in Pain Management
  • ⦁ Over 8 years of overall experience
    ⦁ Worked  in CAIMS, karimnagar as a Resident Surgeon for 3 years
    ⦁ Worked as senior resident for 1 year as general surgeon in government general hospital, mahbubnagar
    ⦁ Worked in the prestigious department of Neurosurgery in Osmania General Hospital as a Resident Neurosurgeon
    ⦁ Now working as a consultant at Zoi Hospitals Attapur.
  • ⦁ Worked extensively in trauma team as a leader and provided excellent surgical care for critically ill brain trauma patients.
    ⦁ Expertise in handling both benign and malignant tumors of brain and spinal cord
    ⦁ Special Interest in paediatric neurosurgery with expertise in handling neonatal bith trauma and congenital malformation
    ⦁ Special interest in diseases of spine which leads to back pain and neck pain and providing an alternative treatment to surgical intervention if possible.
    ⦁ Trained in delivering C-arm Guided spinal procedures and radiofrequency ablation techniques which are less invasive and help patients to live a pain free life without need for long term medications
  • ⦁ Entire Armamentarium of Surgeries required in dealing with Traumatic brain injuries, including EDH Surgery, SDH surgery, Burr hole surgery etc.
    ⦁ Surgeries of spine which include, Discectomy, Spinal Fixation, competent in cervical spine surgeries including the CVJ
    ⦁ Less invasive palliative procedures like transforaminal root blocks / facet joint blocks/ epidural blocks for sciatica/facet arthropathy
    ⦁ Radiofrequency ablation techniques for trigeminal neuralgia / perineal neuralgia
    ⦁ Performed many successful paediatric neurosurgeries including VP shunt, Paediatric Brain tumors, management of Neural tube defects
    ⦁ Experienced with treating stroke patients who require brain surgery
    ⦁ Aspire to introduce Endoscopic Neurosurgery into patient care, with hope of improving patients quality of life post operatively.

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